We offer the best quality service and windsurf equipment for your holidays!

The boards are RRD LTD and JP: we have differents models, the most popular for the conditions of the spot is the Freestylewave board: The new Freestyle Wave LTD V4 represent the perfect mix of manouverability, going fast, and riding comfort. From October until January (the period of the biggest waves) you can enjoy also our wave’s boards: Wave Cult 2016, Quad and Twinser. For experts we have also Freestyle boards: Fanatic Skate 90 its 2016.

The sails are RRD: The Vogue model’s  construction has been updated, fine tuning the materials to give optimum performance, weight and strength, perfect for the waves riding!   Whatever your freestyle ability, the new Style Pro will allow you to push to the next level. All the sails are rigged with RDM mast!

You can change the board or the sail during the day depending from the conditions.