May 11, 2014

Downwind and Trips

Following the windsurfer’s philosophy we give to the costumer the option to discover new places to go sailing like the lagoon Paraiso (30 min. by car from Jeri) and Tatajuba (1.30 min. from Jeri) both are perfect to do freestyle or just sailing in completely flat water.
Another amaizing experience that the expert sailor can enjoy with us is the DOWNWIND:
Prea’/Jeri 12 km sailing with 25/30knots wind and nice waves to surf or jump.
Jeri/Guriu 8 km sailing with 25/30 knots wind and nice waves.
In both options of Downwind we have a perfect organization to make this experience unforgettable. Part of the stuff is attending the sailors in the water and the other part of the stuff is attending from the beach with a car.
This kind of adventure has an additional cost from the rental.






Downwind and trips to the lagoons