Yes, there is surfing here. You have to walk to the right side of the beach, where there are perfect waves for someone who is just starting. For someone at a more advanced level, you can catch waves near the flag, where the point break is. The waves there are bigger and more powerful, lasting 1 minute and 30 seconds or more, so you can have a lot of fun.

We rent longboards and fun boards.

We offer individual lessons and group lessons.

It depends on where you’re going to surf. There’s a spot with a lot of rocks and shells, and there’s a risk of cutting your foot when you fall off the board. But there’s another spot with just sand, where the risks are lower.

It’s always good to know how to swim. But the waves here break in shallow water, and the sea is very calm.

It’s always a good idea to ride 1 or 2 hours before/after the tide becomes low/high.

Learning to surf is easy as long as you have the ideal conditions and good equipment.

It really depends on each person, but most people can stand up in the first lesson. There are several elements to consider and always work on, such as balance, posture, foot positioning on the board, where to look when catching a wave, how to fall off the board, board control, wind, and more.

Here at Ticowind, you’ll find the best instructors in Jericoacoara, who can teach in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, and French. In addition to beginner lessons, we also offer coaching for improving maneuvers, planing, positioning, water start, and more.

Jericoacoara is one of the world’s top windsurfing spots. Since the 1980s, the sport has been an ambassador for the village, attracting tourists from all over the world to enjoy the winds and the hospitality of the village residents.

Our equipment rental shop offers a wide range of materials, from beginner equipment to professional boards for Freestyle, FreestyleWave, Wave and Freeride.

Usually, beginner students take 3 to 5 hours to gain basic control of the equipment. To achieve autonomy, the student needs at least 10 hours of practice.

Swimming is not a prerequisite, but for students who have basic swimming skills, progress is usually faster.

Windsurfing is a very safe sport, and beginner students rarely get injured. When it does happen, it’s usually nothing serious, just minor scrapes.

Equipment rental is only allowed for people with the skills and autonomy to sail on their own. For beginners, we suggest taking lessons in the morning when the sea is calmer and the wind is weaker.

The initial windsurfing lessons are usually very rewarding. Students can achieve their first moments of sailing in the very first lesson, and typically, after 3 hours, they are already mastering the transitions with beginner equipment.

Jeri is one of the best Brazilian beaches for Wingfoiling because it has a hydrography that allows riders to sail in flat water, surf the swell, or even ride the point break.

We have equipment for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Whatever your level, we have the right equipment for you.

At the rental shop, we offer Wing Foil lessons in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, and French for beginners as well as for sailors looking to improve their skills. If you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry, our course covers all the learning stages of winging, from wing control to controlled flight and transition maneuvers.

There is no minimum number of lessons that a student needs to take. Past experiences and experiences with other sports often make learning easier, but they are not a determining factor for success. Usually, a student needs at least 5 hours of lessons to make their first flights.

Knowing how to swim is important for the Wing Foil student because often the instruction takes place in areas where the feet cannot touch the ground.

Wing foiling, like other sailing sports, does come with risks, but when the instruction is well managed, the probability of an accident is reduced. Ticowindjeri provides and recommends all the necessary safety equipment for a secure practice.

Wing foiling is not as straightforward; it requires full control of your body. Unlike windsurfing, where the sail is attached to the board, in wing foiling, the rider becomes the connection between the two. This is why, at the beginning of the learning process, the level of difficulty is slightly higher.

Equipment rental is only available for those who already have a certain level of autonomy in the sport. For beginners, it is always recommended to take lessons.


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